My days at school

I used to go to 501 School, a place where kids with special needs can study. I have both good and bad memories from those times at school. I met wonderful people there, such as Viviana Utiles, Nilda De Luca and Mimi Oscoz. They were very, very kind with me!

Who I remember particularly is Laura Alberro. I love Laura with all my heart! She introduced me to Mr. Campos, an engineer who helped me a lot. Mr. Campos visited me at school and at home. And thanks to him I’m able to type!

He attached a device to my wrist that allowed me to reach the keyboard. He sat me in front of the computer and… it was the first time I was able to type!!!! The first words I typed were: THANK YOU!

My parents weren’t in the room at that moment. They were out looking at me through a window. They wanted to let me feel free to type whatever I wanted, but they watched through the window anyway because they were eager to know what I would type.

Laura Alberro has always supported me. When she was my teacher at school, she became pregnant and then she took some days off to have her baby. During the days she was off, my friend Facundo Cabral and I had another teacher. But the other teacher wasn’t like Laura at all. Then Laura came back to work after having her baby.

During those days, I would travel from home to school and back home in a special transport. I remember the time when my wheelchair got broken…

And then, my worst day at school arrived. That was when I learned that Laura was going to leave the school because she had got another job. I felt very, very sad!.

When she left, I decided not to return to that school. Then my parents hired a teacher to give me classes at home. Her name is Maria Rosa Mesa, and she taught me lots of things, even more than the ones I was taught at school!.

Laura and Nilda

My other school

My parents fought really hard to get me admitted at a normal school. As I said before, I had gone to 501 School but hadn’t liked it. So, my parents traveled with me to La Plata (a big city, capital of my province) because I needed to be tested to know if I would be able to apply to a normal school. That test was really complicated, but I was decided to pass it because I knew my parents had a lot of faith in me! And they were doing whatever they could to get me admitted at a normal school To begin, the only fact that I was accepted to do the exam was itself a success!. When I had to do the exam, I was really tired because I hadn’t sleep well so I was having difficulties keeping my eyes open. But I went on with the exam anyway. After finishing the exam we went to a building to see Mrs. Berta Derman. Berta is a wonderful woman. And she is very nice. She said…“This boy is great!”, and then told my mother… “I’d like a video of this boy to show it to students at the University”. Of course, we did that video, and Cesar Perez - a friend of my dad- helped us with it. Then we gave it to Lidia Camargo, who took it to La Plata. In 1993, I got into Juan Bautista Alberdi Number 3 School. There I met some kids who are as siblings to me. We would have fun together at picnics during Spring Day (Spring comes on September 21 in my part of the world). My teachers were Beatriz Cejas, Mónica, Sonia, Claudina and Clarita. Monica was the first one I had. When she was my teacher, I got a 10 in an exam. Sonia was an awesome teacher. She was a skinny and very tall woman. And she used to make me read. Claudina…I used to pay her a lot of attention when she was explaining something to us. I remember once when she had wrote some complicated words on the blackboard and I was the first one to answer!

Clarita was very special to me. Once she asked us something and I had the answer! I used to do my homework on my computer. My classmates would help me a lot and they were always supporting me and making me feel happy. They would ride me to gym classes. They were Luján, Carla, Nieves, Alicia, Graciela, Magalí, Guillermina, Eduardo, Miguel, Fabricio, Andrés, Jeremías, Tata, Mariano and Nicolás. I wish I could give them all the love they have given me! With them, I used to feel loved, understood and respected!

Friends from school number 3
Hoisting the flag in school number 3
Mybodyguard at Number 3 School

I had a bodyguard at Number 3 School! He was my very good friend Lucas Varela. Lucas wouldn’t let the others to ride or touch me! Unfortunately, he couldn’t be with me all the time I was at that school!. One day, he got into a fight with another boy because of me. Our teacher, Monica Manieri, got us together for a school show. That was my first actuation. Lucas was very special to me.

With Lucas and friends
My teachers at Nubmer 3 School
With Beatriz Cejas

It was so wonderful to go to Number 3 School! Among my teachers were Popo, Pato and Ines. What I remember most of Pato is when he would teach us to play football. Usually, he made us divide into 4 teams to play. He also used to take us to the Cicles Club to play basquet. Ines also used to take us to Cicles Club, but it was different because those times I would do a special activity. I used to work with a tennis ball, throwing it up with my right hand over and over again. One day Ines told me… “Hey Raul, would you like to compete in the Bonaerenses Games?” I answered “Yes!” right away. But she never spoke about that again. I guess she later forgot about it. I don’t know what happened. I also had a few teachers who discriminated against me. One of them did so because she consideredqI was different from the other kids. I don’t feel any different! Actually, when she was my teacher, I didn’t even want to go to school… She never said even Hello to me! I used to talk to her and she kept ignoring me. It seemed as she didn’t even notice I was in the classroom! It would be that way during the whole 4 hours of classes… it was really horrible! One day she also refused to give me the exam that all others kids were doing! A classmate of mine, Nieves Basualdo, asked her who I was going to do the exam with. She answered: “The special teacher will test him” I was really upset with her and, honestly, sometimes I was eager to tell her a few things, but I refrained myself because I’m very polite thanks to my parents. I sincerely hope you guys never have to tolerate a situation like that one!
(Please forgive me if I’ve forgotten to mention anyone


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