Lola's recollection

OUR GREAT FRIEND 'LOLILLA' has passed away. But she still is within us, from her star in Heaven…

María Dolores Puebla Montero
de Guardo - Palencia - España

Thank you Lola for all that love you gave me!

Lola, this is my tribute to you after your death. You have always been a lovely and very kind person. I remember all those things you used to send me from Spain. I have this medal with the Guard Angel you gave me; I wear it everyday. I also remember that awesome mustard-colored T-shirt you sent me for my birthday.

We met each other after you found my icq number in Then you introduced me to Fer, Víctor, Sergio, Agus and Thor. What a bunch of great friends! You introduced me to your family as well. We used to tell each other everything. You knew I found it difficult to chat online at a quick speed, so that you used to be very patient, no matter my slowness. You gave me a web cam as a present, and thanks to that we were able to see each other. You also taught me how to use the "midis" that sound in my website. You always made me smile when I was feeling blue. I remember that day when we were chatting online and I invited Susy to join our conversation and the three of us chatted together.

You had left the following message in my web page:

"Quequey, I wish you as well as you family the best during this Holydays. I really wish that this New Year brought you all those things you are struggling for… I'm sure you'll get them!
I'll never be tired of telling you this: keep being this humane, kind, generous and charming person you've always been. Keep being so, CHAMPION!!!!!
A HUGE hug for you and for your family. I hope this New Year could also solve the situation your country is going through… J Lola".

 This situation is very difficult for my family and me; your death is hurting us very much. Lola, may you rest in peace and harmony. All those friends you love so much and I are PRESENT and we'll never forget you.

These are some of Lola's friends in the Internet

Juan Antonio

Isa y Fernando





We, the rest of Quequey's family, also love Lola.
She always used to have the exact word to say. She was always there. She has been very helpful to Quequey, She's been an excellent person, good adviser, someone whom we'll always cherish in our hearts and never, never forget.

Take care of us from Heaven. We'll never leave you; we'll always remember you. I bring you in my heart. I say goodbye, happy for you.

LOLA, you were a great person. I remember a lot of moments when you were there. I'll never forget how good you were with my brother, Quequey. I'm very grateful to you for how you managed to calm my Mom down that day that Dad, Quequey and Matias were in Buenos Aires and there were riots in the streets and Mom was very anxious here in Ayacucho. LOLA, I'll never forget you. You'll always be inside my heart. May you rest in peace, I'm sure you deserve that peace. Simón.

Writing about Lola… What a hard task, isn't it? Don't get me wrong; it's not hard because I don't know what to say about her. No, it's hard because it's almost impossible to describe such a special person. I regard Lola as a great friend. One of those friends who are always there for you. One that always knows the answers to my questions. You were a very special person who knew how to win a place in my heart, in Quey's heart and in everybody's heart. Today it's me who has to write to you, and I do so with happiness, thinking that I love you very much and that you'll always be inside my heart. Once again, thank you for everything. We'll meet each other someday…always in my heart. Francsico, 07/07/2004

When someone who loves you
Who has taught you how to live
Starts her long way,
She only leaves her body,
She only stops suffering.
Her soul remains by your side
And illuminates your existence.-
Every time you remember her
Look yourself into a mirror
And you'll keep smiling
Despite your tears.-
Lola will be with you
as always, as never before
by Jesus' hand,
by your side all the time.
In your thoughts, in your heart
In the very love you gave her
And that stayed with her until the end.
The tribute of a friend
Is to be like she dreamt you'd be
Strong, courageous, lovely,
The way you are.-
Keep her tight in your memories
Keep her safe in your heart
Keep her alive forever
With love's strength.-
From the stars, during the nights
From the sun, during the day
She protects you and takes care of you
By God's company.-

Aunt Mercedes.

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