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I want to dedicate this page to my family, to every one who helped me and follow helping, specially to my godmother NONA.

With Martin Burgos
My dad amd mum explained me that I was born in a normal childbirth, but I have got ictericia and the child-doctors which attend me had not note it, for this reason I have paralized all my body and I am in a wheel-chair.
When I was a child my parents and me, we have traveled a lot every where to make rehabilitation, because in Ayacucho there was not any place to make it.
My brother Matias, always understood me and help me, my cousin Martin Burgos when I was 4 years old told one day to my mother that he wanted to play domino with me because I was able to undrstand every thing.
It was always possible to understand and be understood by my family, but until the moment when computer arrived, a lot of people was in the thinking that I was not able to understand.
One day, been in home, over the table it was a big calculator, I asked my mother to be near, and I estarted to type numbers, they have seen I was able to type in a keyboard, then one friend of my father, Arsenio Laplace, who was in USA had bought me one machine to write was is named comunicator, after that they bought me a computer. Arsenio has died in USA, and I never had the opportunity to say him thanks. I had a very good computer which worked with disquettes, in the computer I had an espectacular game named Prince, that game was installed by Walter Basanta. I had also another espectacular game named Carmen Sandiego, in this game I had to find a thief, the game was giving you different tracks, flags of the countries where the thief was, I learned to play, I had to get 30 thief and the last one was Carmen Sandiego and I got all of them. I had also another game which talk to me, I write one word and the computer read for me, I had another game which was a tateti (similar to 3 in line), I had a lot of games like game A about an airplain.

My first drawings
I was not able to draw, in the old computer I had a program named Drawing and I did a ship with it, every day I was making different designs, letters, and drawings and I make words.

The computer is very important for me, I remember the time when Cesar Marino helped me, he always come to my home and he was always giving me new programs, Patricia Pollini and Rodolfo Adreani, had help me to have a real good computer. I enjoy it and make grafic design with Corel Draw9 and this page with Dreamweaber.

My vacation
With Ricky Maravilla
I spent a wonderful vacation in General Arenales with Aunt Mercedes and Uncle Robert. During those days we went to the country-side and at night we went to the firefighter headquarters where my aunt danced and acted because it was carnival. I met a lot of wonderful people there and they became my friends. They are Fayoli, Adrian, Monica, Marta Alicia, Creta, Coco and Marisa. Marisa was very kind with me, she usually healed my sun-burning, my stomach-ache and my headache. Marta Alicia would buy me sorbets everyday! Adrian invited me to his home to eat pizza and Coke. Fayoli bought me my first San Lorenzo T-shirt (San Lorenzo is my football/soccer team!). Creta is Marisa and Coco’s daughter. She took me to have a ride in a sulky. I really spent a wonderful vacation with my cousins and uncles Martinez. I just had so much fun!

With Merce and Rober
In the swingming pool with Rober
To the Corzo in Arenales
With my friends Fayoli

My birhtday

My birthday is on November, 24. The first time I had a birthday party I had a lot of fun. We held it at the CEF Number 32 Club, and all my classmates, my first teachers and even the school director attended it. We played football/soccer!

My first word
When I was a little child – about 2 years old- I had a clinical audiologist, Lidia Camargo, who would help me to talk. She would try to teach me words, such as gato (cat), taza (cup), cuchara (spoon) or colectivo (bus). But no matter what she did, I wouldn’t utter a word! But one day, I called her Vaca! (Cow). At that moment my Mom was knocking on the door, she had just arrived. But Lidia was so excited because I had told her Vaca that she just yelled “I’m coming!” to Mom. And, with tears in her eyes, she told me: “What did you call me? Please honey, call me Vaca again!”. And I said Vaca again! That was a wonderful, wonderful day! It was very hard to me to speak at that time, and so is it now, but I’ve learned to speak

My memory
I have quite a good memory. I remember a lot of things, and those memories are both good and bad. I remember one day when I fell down and hit my head on the floor. It was in the street and I was with my Grandpa Horacio going to the grocery to buy something to eat, because that day I was invited to have lunch with my grandparents. I also recall when Nora used to make cake for my birthday. I’m so sad and so sorry because she is not going to be with me at my birthday parties anymore… I also remember when I would go to the kindergarten at The Municipal Hospital… One day at the kindergarten I wanted to go to the restroom and Eduardo Pereyra (who has just arrived) went with me. There was a little frog in the restroom, and it scared me!

When I discovered a game
I was at my former house, on the other computer, searching on the system. I found an archive and executed it to see what it was. Then a list of files appeared and I selected Cat.Exe. Then, some music started to sound and, every time I would move the mouse, the cat in my screen would move too! I didn’t know what that was, but I soon realized I had discovered a new game.

When we went to a rehabilitation center

Dad and I went to Buenos Aires to do rehabilitation. They made me do exercises on a brown mattress. My kinesiologists were Lidia and Raquel Crocci. I used to go to do rehabilitation every weekend. At that time, I didn’t know how to drink using a straw, and a very nice girl there taught me how to do that. When we would leave that place, we would stay at the apartment of my Dad’s cousin. As I wasn’t able to travel to Buenos Aires each weekend to doing rehabilitation, my kinesiologist Raquel Crocci used to come home instead. I was very, very young, just 2 years old! Raquel kept working with me until I turned 11. Well, this is how I remember everyone!

My trip to Buenos Aires

We traveled to Buenos Aires by bus (one from Costera Criolla company). At one moment, the bus stopped and we were told it was broken. So we had to wait there in the middle of the road… Meanwhile, my Dad draw Mom’s face in my notebook, with the 3 colored pencils I had (red, green and black). And then he told me to look through the bus window. I did so and saw horses and cows. I started to feel hungry and thirsty, and my Dad’s cousin, Silvia, gave me some water. We had been stopped in the middle of the road for almost 2 hours and a half when a mechanic crew arrived and repaired the bus. Finally, we arrived to Buenos Aires safe and sound!

When I went to a dancing party
I went to a dancing party when my cousin Javier “El Buque” Rosatto graduated from high school. The party was at National School, and “El Buque” had invited me. Uncle Mariano and Aunt Antelia drove me there. There was a girl who asked me to dance, but she couldn’t understand what I was saying. My uncles and cousins never knew a girl has invited me to dance that night….

My First Communion
My First Communion was celebrated at Estrada Club. Among my guests were Eduardo Pereyra, Martín Burgos, my Aunt, my dear Nora Gaitan Mezquiriz, Laura Alberro, Linda and Facundo Cabral. That was on October 18, 1992.
Aunt Antelia gave me as a present a beautiful medal with Jesus’s face on it. Eduardo gave me a photo-album. Martin…I can’t remember now what he gave me! Nora’s gift was an alarm-clock that sounded like a rooster. Laura gave me a San Lorenzo watch. Nilda and Facundo… I can't remember what they gave me either! My Communion was a very special moment to me!

My former house
Family and I used to live in a house that wasn’t very comfortable, it was too small and the bathroom was outside. Our neighbors used to make annoying noises. Every time we wanted to go to the bathroom we had to go outside, and it was particularly bothering during winter or raining days. The worst thing is that it was impossible to me to go to that bathroom, it was too small. That house wasn’t our, my parents were paying a rent for it. Then, on July 28, 1996, (it was a Sunday) we moved to this new house. It was built by my parents, they’ve sacrificed big time to build it! This house is much more comfortable to me, because I have plenty of room for my wheelchair. I feel really good in here!

What I think about people
I think there are people here in Ayacucho that don’t give us disabled persons much respect. It’s common to see cars parked in front of wheelchair-ramps. Worst: there aren’t enough ramps here in Ayacucho streets! And it seems nobody takes care of it! It’s very difficult to ride a wheelchair in these streets indeed… Side-walks need to be repaired… Even at the Hospital I find obstacles when I go there! That’s a shame! I’d like to write an open letter to government people to make them see what our situation is. I know those that discriminate against us. There was a time when there wasn’t even a ramp at the Church! Then, thanks to Gerardo Brizas, I wrote a letter to the priest, Father Miguel Paris, asking him to build a ramp there (our church entrance is a stairway!). Finally, after a lot of fighting, they built a ramp in the Church. Dad and Mom have fought hard for years to make people realize how difficult life could be to a disabled person!

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